What we can provide you with ...

We can provide a complete system that will help you create your own lead generation business.

Our system is mostly geared towards generating leads for professional or trade services. We can deliver a complete 'turnkey' solution - with or without a 'front-end' website that will allow you to get started.

Each system uses our core system, but can be modified by us to suit your specific target market.

How much does it cost?

That depends - we will set up and configure the system, and customise the branding for you. There is a monthly license fee for use of the system, which includes full technical support. If you require a 'front-end' website then this would involve a one-off extra fee for design and development.  Typically this would be either a Joomla or Wordpress site, and our fees for this are by quotation, but are competitive! Alternatively you are free to create your own site, or use your existing site, in which case we would provide you with the relevant widget, and provide support to you or your chosen web developer to get it running.

So if you are interested in creating your own lead generation business, why not contact us:

02380 007100 or email